Mobile Market Development.


A research and consulting company advising mobile network operators. I worked with an international team of telecoms specialists, wrote 12 published reports and delivered 30+ cases, projects and presentations (2003–2014). »

After completing an MBA at Cass Business School in London in 2007, I worked closely with MTN Irancell to deliver a number of business strategy projects (2008–2014) »

Published Reports.

The Developing Role of MNOs in Providing Consumer Devices. The approaches operators have used to get high-end smartphones and tablets to customers and drive revenues. April 2013

MNO App Stores. The changing nature of operators' relationships with app stores and developer communities. October 2012 »

MNOs' ICT Propositions and Plans. Continued pressure on core revenues and ICT spending growth predictions are opportunities for MNOs with strong enterprise customer bases. February 2012 »

Prepay Tariff Innovation. Five case studies of innovative prepay pricing, services and brand positioning. December 2011 »

Addressing Customer Discomfort with Mobile Broadband Pricing. Mobile broadband pricing to cover network costs is misaligned with customers' desire to use, especially when decent, cheaper alternatives exist. May 2011 »

Mobile & Fixed Broadband: Complementary vs. Competitive Positioning. Examples of how to segment fixed and mobile broadband markets. March 2011 »

Prioritising Revenue Growth Opportunities for MNOs. Key non-core services assessed by growth and profit potential. January 2011 »

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS): Who Benefits? Short answer: nobody. IMS and RCS were zombie disasters from inception, a $100M solution to a non-existent problem. November 2010 »

MNO Web Sites Design Review. Surveyed the consumer web sites of 63 operators, and developed a framework to score them by content focus and design approach. Commentary and recommendations on design best practices. March 2010 »

Emerging HSPA Applications. The categories of services that will fly once HSPA networks are widespread and correctly priced. September 2009 »

Apple iPhone: Market Implications. No-one predicted how Apple would walk into the hubristic mobile network operators club and walk out with the vast majority of the sector's profits... least of all me, writing this assessment in February 2008. »

India: A Study of Dynamic Market Development. I travelled around India meeting with Indian network operators, learning about the success factors and the challenges of sustaining rapid growth. May 2006 »

Mobile Market Development

New identity for a mobile telecoms research program spinning out from a parent organisation: document and presentation templates, web sites and printed collateral.

Marketing site and client portal. Designed and implemented new web properties for Mobile Market Development Ltd's transition from publishing six long-form printed reports per year to 20-30 short-form, PDF-only reports.

Custom content management system for publishing PDF documents: clients sign in to download material licensed to their accounts; implemented analytics to measure individual engagement and help retain, upsell accounts.

Mobile Offers & Promotions Database. I built a web app for mobile telco marketing managers to search and browse TV commercials, print and online promotions. With MMD colleagues, we curated over 2,500 examples from 100+ mobile operators in 40+ countries.

Case studies.

Plannabel · Your Wedding's BFF – software and services for your happiest days. »

MTN · Business cases, research, strategy workshops and decision support for a disruptive mobile network operator »

OPCODA · Full stack software projects in JavaScript and PHP; identity, brands and market planning services. »

Mobile Market Development · 12 reports published and 30+ cases delivered for mobile telco operators' marketing and strategy managers. »

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