Identity & positioning for a P2P money transfer startup (2015).


My portfolio site is built with ▲ZEIT's Next.js framework for server-rendered React applications. The UI framework is Tachyons, and the site is deployed using ▲ZEIT's `now` fully managed service.

Rapid prototyping yields usable UI code for rich demos and feedback, for testing with backends and APIs, and for profiling performance on real devices and connection types.

I sketch on paper and simultaneously build skeletons in code with CSS frameworks, particularly Tachyons. It's a great implementation of 'atomic CSS', outlined in CSS and Scalability by Tachyons' co-author Adam Morse.

User Experience.

Ocado Webshop improvement case study developed to support my application for a UX specialist role at the the world's largest dedicated online grocery retailer (580,000+ active customers).

Motivation: to demonstrate excellent fit for the role with a practical application of UX design and prototype development, implementing the Double Diamond process.

Process: Sampled grocery shoppers to identify motivations & pain-points (new and veteran Ocado and non-Ocado customers); integrated feedback into an analysis of’s Webshop; developed mockups using for discussion.

Output: Review of improvement opportunities for’s Webshop; web and iOS designs for a revised welcome page, navigation bar & offers optimised for efficiency & discovery; testing and validation plans.

Mobile Market Development

New identity for a mobile telecoms research program spinning out from a parent organisation: document and presentation templates, web sites and printed collateral.

Marketing site and client portal. Designed and implemented new web properties for Mobile Market Development Ltd's transition from publishing six long-form printed reports per year to 20-30 short-form, PDF-only reports.

Custom content management system for publishing PDF documents: clients sign in to download material licensed to their accounts; implemented analytics to measure individual engagement and help retain, upsell accounts.

Mobile Offers & Promotions Database. I built a web app for mobile telco marketing managers to search and browse TV commercials, print and online promotions. With MMD colleagues, we curated over 2,500 examples from 100+ mobile operators in 40+ countries.


Identity for a hot yoga lifestyle brand (2011–2017)


Imaginex was the company's trading name at incorporation in 1999; rebranded in 2014.

Case studies.

Plannabel · Your Wedding's BFF – software and services for your happiest days. »

MTN · Business cases, research, strategy workshops and decision support for a disruptive mobile network operator »

OPCODA · Full stack software projects in JavaScript and PHP; identity, brands and market planning services. »

Mobile Market Development · 12 reports published and 30+ cases delivered for mobile telco operators' marketing and strategy managers. »

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